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Sri. Dr.R.Radhakrishnan
Hony. Secretary

Sri M.Monohara Chetty
Vice President

Sri. K.V. Ramachandran
Vice President

Sri N. Badrinarayana
Hony. treasurer
Sri. V. Sridhar
Sri. A. P. Gupta
Hony.Joint Secretaries
Sri. S. Sitaraman
Hony.Joint Secretaries
Smt. Neerajakshi
Hony.Joint Secretaries
Committee Member
Committee Member
Smt. Narmadha
Committee Member

Founded on January 14, 1932 by Sri B.V. Gopalakrishna Rao and the Violin Maestro Sri.T.Chowdiah, the Indian Fine Arts Society serves the cause of fine arts.

Many vocalists, Instrumentalists, Dancers and Dramatists who were/are in the forefront today had the encouragement of our society.

Our Institution which celebrated the Platinum Jubilee (75 Years) in 2007/2008 conducts annually Music Festival/Conference wherein outstanding musicians and dancers participate.The festival attracts large crowd of rasikas from all over the country.

On the inaugural day of the conference/festival a vocalist/ Instrumentalist is honored with the title “Sangeetha Kalasikhamani” along with a cash award and gold medal.

At the valedictory function held on the concluding day, a Natyacharya/ performing dancer is conferred the title “Natya Kalasikhamani” along with a cash award and gold medal.

The society also conducts annually the following programmes:
         1. Tyagaraja Aradhana Day
         2. H.H.Swathi Thirunal Day
         3. G.N.B. Day
         4. Purandaradasar Day
         5. Shyama Sastri Day
         6. Papanasam Sivan Day]
         7. Annamacharya Day
         8. Muthuswamy Dikshithar Day
         9. Annual Music Festival (18/20 Days) – 6 programmes per day from 8.30 a.m to 10 p.m (Devotional, Lecture/ Demonstration, 5 programmes of vocal/ veena/violin solo, Saxophone, Flute, Dance and Bharathanatyam etc.,)

The institution was made very powerful in all respects during the Presidentship of Late. V. Emberumanar Chetty,Late. Sri V. Ranganayakalu Chetty, Hony. Treasurer, Late. Sri N. Ramachandran Hony.Secretary.

Under the present presidentship of Sri V. Sethuram, associated by Sri N.Srinivasan, Hony. Secretary and Sri V.Badrinarayana Hony. Treasurer the society continues its march Enthusiastically to serve the cause of fine arts to the utmost satisfaction of Rasikas, Donors, Sponsors, Endowers, Life/patron/ Donor members of the society.

With the enthusiastic support of rasikas, artistes, and our partrons we are proudly continuing our march more vigorously to serve the cultural world to the best of our ability consistent with the resources contributed by one and all to ensure maximum satisfaction to all.





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